Throught the dedicated and professional staff at KIOS Ship Agencies, we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, KIOS personel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication when handling overall disbursement control. KIOS is proud of their expertise in handling all types of vessels from sophisticated gas and chemical carriers to strongly service – oriented cruise liners and dry bulk carriers as well as more specialized products such as break-bulk and heavy lift. In addition to the full range of basic services, KIOS is often called on to assist their principals to conduct market feasibility studies and provide standard port cost templates. KIOS’s extensive network enables them to offer a regional service within Turkey. You will benefit from centralized funding and disbursement accounts submission and other services aimed at reducing your administrative expenses. Our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions and strong relationships with all local and goverment bodies ensures your best interests are maintained at all times.

Refineries and Terminals


Our experince in the ports is of benefit to all shipowners and disponent owners. Our local knowledge of situation and our keen interest in the promotion of these ports are of advantage to all vessel operators.We are able to attend to all your husbandry requirements and protect your best of interest at all times.


There are more than 260 straits in the world. But none of them even remotely resembles the Turkish Straits in terms of the geography and other factors . The Turkish Straits are considered as one of the most strategic waterways of the world KIOS can provide comprehensive , integrated and high quality services tailored to the unique characteristics of operations through the Turkish Straits. There are fully staffed associated offices at both end of the Strait, Canakkale And Istanbul ports.


Vessels requiring crew changes can avoid long delays without deviating from their course. Immigration formalities are strict, but with a minimum of fuss to help make crew changes as fast and efficient as possible. (Crew can be transferred quickly through the local airport whether it is to / from international or domestic destinations.Please contact us if in doubt whether a visa is required for the respective crew member(s).


On behalf of our principals we coordinate supplies through contact with local suppliers, in all major bunkering ports as well as while passing through Turkish Straits. Smooth coordination of the entire bunkering process is guaranteed by our local staff. If in doubt, please contact us, to check if bunkers can be supplies at a given port or berth.


Active for more than a century in the region, KIOS today is the leading local provider of shipping services to a diversified ustomer based across all sectors of the marine industry. With all services, we guarantee consistent excellence of support whenever and wherever you call.

Our Marine Sevices team is pleased to offer vessel owners calling at Tuzla Dry Docks here in Istanbul region, full Agency and logistical support. We guarantee round the clock attendance from the professional and experienced Agency personnel , full daily status reports and effective disbursement account management. Our close working relationships with all Tuzla Dry- Docks, Customs, Immigration and Security bodies, combined with our total familiarity of all local formalities, ensures a smooth and swift movement of personnel, crew, spares and equipment to and from your vessel.

We guarentee on time supply of high quality provisions, deck engine and yard stores; all competetively and locally sourced from professional and reputable companies only.Our own airport escort and transfer service, inhouse travel agency (for tickets and visas), will take extra care of your crew and personnel. Local accomodation from hotel to short-term leases and vehicle hire also available. Our 24- hour airport team is ready to ensure a same day clearence and delivery of spares and equipment.


KIOS agency have their own offices and personnel in all of the major cruise destinations. Due to the KIOS’s long and close relations with the port, immigration and customs authorities, KIOS Agency are able to minimize embarkation and disembarkation delays ensuring both rapid turn around for the vessel and maximum time ashore for the passengers.

KIOS organise and manage all shore activities from their local office at the port and can offer a wide variety of tours both as part of an integrated programme with the cruise operator or/on a group or individual basis.Fully guided and multilingual Historical, Archeological Sightseeing and Shopping tours can all be organized by arrangement.